Out-of-Home Care Transition in NSW

In 2008, following a special commission of inquiry into child protection services in nsw, Justice Wood determined that children placed with ngos receive a better standard of care and recommended the transfer of service delivery in regards to OOHC from the government to the non-government agencies.  In 2011, the Liberal Government, led by Minister for Family and Community services, the hon. Pru Goward MP, outlined the reforms and clearly stated the government’s commitment to the transition, with implementation starting 1 March 2012.

Implementation of this transition will take place over 5 to 10 years.  The aim is to improve the NSW OOHC system to deliver better outcomes for children, young people, families and carers.  This will allow community services caseworkers to focus on the most vulnerable families and provide the support to help prevent more children going into care.

OOHC Transition Plan Stage 1 (Dec 2011)
OOHC Transition Implementation Framework (Feb 2012)
OOHC Transition Strategic Framework Stage 2 (Jun 2013) (not available)
Overview of the OOHC Transition in NSW (19 Mar 2012)


ACWA's Engagement with Transition of Children and Young People in OOHC from Community Services to NGOs

Procedural Guidelines for Transition

OOHC Transition Process Flowchart

Transition Governance

Regional Implementation Groups
Ministerial Advisory Group
Child Protection System Taskforce
OOHC Transition Program Office 

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