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Date Topic and Presenter Proceedings
23rd July 2014

Children’s Court: Challenges & Possibilities

Prof Elizabeth Fernandez, Dr Jane Bolitho, Dr Patricia Hansen & His Honour Judge Peter Johnstone

Peter Johnstone - 1 (.pdf)
Peter Johnstone - 2 (.pdf)
Elizabeth Fernandez and Jane Bolitho (.pdf)
Video - Part 1 (YouTube)
Video - Part 2 (YouTube)
26th June 2014

Best Practice Forum: “My Story” Out of Home Care Case Management and the Practice of Adoption

Wendi Keenan, Melissa Bell, Prof Ilan Katz

Video - Part 1 (YouTube)
Video - Part 2 (YouTube)
Raylene Popovich & Kerry Melbourne (.pdf)
Melisa Bell (.pdf)
30th April 2014

Kinship Care: Embracing a new practice paradigm

Aunty Susie Blacklock, Paula Hayden, Prof Fiona Arney, Dr Marilyn McHugh & Karen Menzies

Video Part 1 (YouTube)
Video Part 2 (YouTube)
Photos (.zip)
Blacklock, Menzies & Hayden(.pdf)
Fiona Arney (.pdf)
Marilyn McHugh (.pdf)
5th March 2014

Working at the intersection of OOHC and the Criminal Justice System: How do we stop our young people ‘graduating from OOHC to goal’

Katrina Wong, Mandy Loundar, Sue Sarlos & Kate McFarlane

Katrina Wong (.pdf)
Mandy Loundar (.pdf)
Kath McFarlane (.pdf)
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 7
Video (YouTube)
17 December 2013

Current global efforts in child welfare

Dr Maria Herczog

Current global efforts in child welfare
Photo 1
Photo 2
Video Part 1
Video Part 2
5 November 2013

Voice of a Child

Wayne Daly, Dr Robert Urquhart

Wayne Daly
Dr Robert Urquhart
Video Part 1
Video Part 2
Video Part 3
1 October 2013

Making your organisation Child Safe

Dr Daryl Higgins

Video recording part 1
Video recording part 2
Video recording part 3
Powerpoint Presentation
17 June 2013

Achieving Permanency for children through Reunification: The research and practice of reunification

Prof Elizabeth Fernandez, Assoc Prof Paul Delfabbro and Ms Linda Mondy

Prof Elizabeth Fernandez, UNSW(.pdf)
A/Prof Paul Delfabbro, Uni of South Australia (.pdf)
Ms Linda Mondy, UnitingCare Burnside (.ppt)
Ms Neha Prasad, ACWA-Transition Program Office (.pdf)
Achieving Permanency for children through Reunification (Youtube) 

From Child Protection to Community Caring in First Nations Child and Family Services: A Canadian Case Study

Brad McKenzie, Ph.D.

Community Caring Model Presentation (PDF)
ACWA Research Forum: Brad McKenzie PhD (YouTube)
13th November 2012

Delivering quality foster care: Challenges for carers, agencies and parents

Dr Marilyn McHugh
Anita Pell

Marilyn McHugh Presentation (PDF)
Anita Pell Presentation (PDF)
Video part 1 (YouTube)
Video part 2 (YouTube)
Video part 3 (YouTube)
14 August 2012

Responding to vulnerable children and families in cross cultural contexts

Assoc Prof Eileen Pittaway
Ms Jatinder Kaur

Video (3.2MB)
Presentation (PDF)
16 May 2012 Professor Malcolm Hill Recording (76.5MB)
Presentation (PDF)
(High Quality 246MB)

(Low Quality 111MB)
14 February 2012 Assoc Professor Helen Buckley Recording (59.9MB)
Presentation (PDF)
1 September 2011

Across the Divide: Putting the UK child protection journey in context

Jo Fox

Recording (64.6MB)
5 August 2011

Evaluating Family Support and Foster Care programs

Dr Peter J. Pecora

Recording Part 1 (14.3MB)
Recording Part 2 (14.5MB)Presentation (PDF)
30 June 2011

Evidence-based practice and risk assessment in child welfare

Prof Aron Shlonsky

5 May 2011

Developing a Test Battery to Predict Successful Foster Carers: A Longitudinal Study

Dr Melanie Randle