Past Policy Papers

ACWA Response To Issues Paper 7: Statutory Victims Of Crime Compensation Schemes 2/07/2014
Association Of Children’s Welfare Agencies’ Position On The Case Management Policy In NSW 16/06/2014
Association Of Children’s Welfare Agencies’ Response To The Information Paper: Proposed Service System Policy Direction April 2014 5/06/2014
ACWA’s Service Model Response To Immediate And Short Term Placements Option Paper 24/03/2014
Professional Development For The Out Of Home Care Sector 20/03/2014
NSW Child Protection Reforms – Summary 20/03/2014
ACWA’s Response To Immediate And Short Term Placements In OOHC Options Paper 3/03/2014
ACWA’s Response to the ACT Out of Home Care Strategy 2015-2020 Discussion Paper 11/12/2013
ACWA submission for the Minister's discussion paper on child protection legislation reform 28/03/2013
ACWAs response to Community Services document on Case Management Under Interim Orders 07/12/2012
ACWA submission for the Review of Adoption Regulation 13/02/2012
ACWA submission for the Review of Care and Protection Regulation 13/02/2012
Review of the Transition to Independent Living Allowance (TILA) 30/03/2011
Inquiry into the Commonwealth Commissioner for Children and Young People Bill 2010 03/12/2010
Brighter Futures Submission 25/10/2010
Inquiry into the Human Rights (Parliamentary Scrutiny) Bill 2010 and the Human Rights (Parliamentary Scrutiny) (Consequential Provisions) Bill 2010 07/07/2010
Submission for inquiry on cyber-safety 25/06/2010
Statutory Review of the Commission for Children and Young People Act 31/05/2010
Submission to the National Human Rights Consultation 15/06/2009
Inquiry into bullying of children and young people 13/03/2009
Inquiry into adoption by same sex couples 13/02/2009
Forgotten Australians Submission to Inquiry 11/02/2009
Inquiry into regional and remote Indigenous communities 05/02/2009
Special Commission of Inquiry into Child Protection Services in NSW 01/09/2008
Inquiry into Petrol Sniffing and Substance Abuse In Central Australia 31/07/2008
Inquiry into the Disclosure regimes for charities and not-for-profit organisations 30/07/2008
Submission to the Inquiry into Better Support for Carers(July 2008) 03/07/2008
ACWA Position Paper: Out-Of-Home Care Case Management and Casework 25/11/2005
What will make the greatest improvement to the NSW Out-of-Home Care system? ACWA discussion paper 25/11/2005
Discussion paper on Adoption of Children from Out-Of-Home Care 01/02/2005