ACWA conducts research into key areas of policy and practice that affect the health and wellbeing of children, young people and families. Our main topics of research include out-of-home care, child protection and issues relating to child, youth and family wellbeing.

As part of our research activities, ACWA convenes a Research Forum to:

  1. Discuss and debate current policy and research issues in child, youth and family welfare in NSW.
  2. Establish links between relevant peak bodies, tertiary institutions and agencies.
  3. Explore opportunities for collaboration in research projects with relevant universities, government and non-government organisations and other relevant bodies.
  4. Monitor state and national research agendas, policy trends and data collection strategies.
  5. Provide advice to ACWA on the Association's research agenda and specific proposals/projects.

Professor Elizabeth Fernandez of the University of NSW is the Chairperson of ACWA's Research Forum. Dr Fernandez already has a close association with ACWA as Chair of ACWA's Conference Scientific Committee.

For more information about ACWA's research activities, please contact Dr Robert Urquhart at ACWA on (02) 9281 8822 or by email. If you have research that you would like uploaded to ACWA's website, please email it to

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Research Forum 26 March

26 March 2015.

Annotation Bibliography – Foster Carer recruitment and retention